TRT002: Get to the Choppa

Andy leads us off this week with the Marvel announcement that Tessa Thomson’s Valkyrie will be part of Exiles comic book. Sal cheats a bit and brings two stories to the table this week – Disney’s Aladdin controversy and the death of stuntman John Bernecker on The Walking Dead set. Chris loops back to Marvel with Conan returning to the House of Ideas. That and more on a an all-new episode.

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3 comments on TRT002: Get to the Choppa

  1. Marc Schamle says:

    Great Podcast! I’ve been listening to Chris Marshall’s Collected Comics podcast for ages and the ‘Nuff Said podcasts before this and this continues a great tradition. Just a group of guys who know and care about comics and speak their mind. I’ve been a comics fan for over 40 years and it’s like sitting down with some close friends talking about a hobby they love. Even better if you have a beer in hand. Keep it up!

  2. Chris Vu says:

    I’m really digging this podcast. I’ve listened to Around Comics since the very beginning and have been begging them to “get the gang back together,” but to no avail…I get it life catches up to everyone. I really like that you guys have carried on the tradition of “just a couple guys sitting and talking about pop culture” with some regular guy insights, but don’t overly turn on the Simpsons’ “comic book guy” mode that tends to run rampant among comic book podcasts. Either way, keep up the good work…You’re doing a great job thusfar; looking forward to another 200+ episodes of The Rorschach Test.

    1. Brion Salazar says:

      Thanks Chris! We hope to live up to the AC legacy!

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