On this episode the professors of pop culture pontificate about Promethea being introduced into the Justice League –  Diamond Comics’ 2017 sales charts in review – PBS’ reality TV show ‘The Great American Read’ and we introduce a new segment on the show  – “Bean Juice!”

Plus there is still plenty of tie to enter our InStockTrades.com contest.

5 comments on TRT003: Bean Juice

  1. Chris Vu says:

    Sal, when did you start Jiu Jitsu, I remember on Around Comics that you’d mentioned at one point you would fight anybody in a ring and probably beat them…were you training then (from what I gathered, you were only training boxing then)? I’m a brown belt in jiu jitsu and have been training for about 11 years now; I also wear spats and a rash guard under my gi and when I do Muay Thai…but I don’t wear shorts over my spats when I do no-gi. I guess I’m “that guy” who contributes to the homo-eroticism of MMA-related sports…but it’s how most people train at my gym.
    Another great podcast guys…change the 30 second timer to something other than a duck quacking…

    1. Brion Salazar says:


      Haha! That was one comment I got a lot of crap over. People took me seriously. I thought I said I could beat any comic book podcaster. lol. There weren’t nearly as many back then!

      Brown Belt?? That’s awesome. I’m sure you would roll right through me. I’ve only been training Jiu Jitsu for a little over 2 years. Still a white belt. I was training boxing and then muay thai. Where do you train? I have fallen in love with Jiu Jitsu. It;s something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life.

      1. Chris Vu says:

        I train at American Top Team in Orlando under Paul Rodriguez (old school UFC and Pride vet.) I used to be all about doing Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA, but have since just whittled it down to BJJ and occasionally Nogi due to time constraints of growing up (have a 5 month old baby now) and all the news/studies about accumulated headshots/brain damage. Glad to see BJJ has another lifelong convert; it’s done wonders for my fitness and helping me keep my weight under control. Where do you train and how did you get started? You guys ever make it to Orlando, FL or if I make it up to Chicago, maybe we can get some rolling in, along with the comic book talk (along with beer…always beer.)

        1. Brion Salazar says:

          I started out with boxing. My dad was a boxer and sort of got me down that road. I joined an Extreme Couture gym about 5-6 years ago and was working with Fres Oquendo (former hw contender). That turned into Muay Thai and MMA, and then the gym moved and wasn’t convenient so I was looking around and a UFC gym opened up near me I decided to join there for the boxing and Muay Thai classes, sparring. They happen to have a black belt (Anthony Ferro) form Uflacker Academy in Chicago working there and he was teaching nogi, then he started a gi class and now I’m rolling 3-4 times a week. Might try and compete this year in Masters (old man) division. Last year I ended up getting blood clot in my leg and lungs so that put a damper on things, and has kept me away from sparring (and the brain injuries) but hopefully get my blue belt this year.

          Absolutely, if you come up to Chicago let me know! And I have family in Florida, not too far from Orlando so might get down there some time. Beer, jits, oss!

  2. Chris Vu says:

    …and that PBS “Great American Read” reality show is lame idea…this coming from guy who does nothing but listen to NPR and watch PBS…

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