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TRT001: It’s Like Pizza

Andy, Chris, and Sal welcome you to the first episode of their new weekly podcast with Marvel’s horrible year, comic shops closing and down sales, the tragic case of ‘Swatting’ in Wichita Kansas, and how much we loved (or hated) Star Wars The Last Jedi.

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The Rorschach Test is a roundtable podcast taking a deep look at the hidden meanings, inner truths, and amazing details of the pop culture we all love. Join podcast...

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What people are saying about The Rorschach Test:

"I found out about the The Rorschach Test from comics and pros writer Tom King, whom raved about it on Twitter. The hosts of this podcast Andy, Chris, and Sal are very insightful and entertaining. If you enjoy comics, games, TV, Movies, and overall pop culture give these guys a listen. Also, you might not always agree with them, but who cares it's a DOPE show!"
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